Our work

For meetings with our customers, we carefully study the possibilities offered by the market with regard to lines of interest of the specific customer. We then define an appropriate list of producers from among the new proposals and our long-time collaborators and we organise a possible schedule to visit the manufacturers. Alternatively, we plan a presentation of products at the show-room of Florence, in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

The selection of producers is made by taking into account the following factors:
a) the quality and style requested.
b) the price range
c) the geographic factor (unnecessary wasting of time is avoided as much as possible due to the tight schedules of foreign customers).

We accompany our customers on visits to the various sources and assist them in dealing with manufacturers, the same service that we also offer our suppliers.
When orders or samples are requested, we follow the production process until departure of the goods with instructions regarding packaging, invoicing and shipping of the order.

We strictly oversee all the stages until delivery and periodically keep our customers updated on the situation. In addition, we carry out on behalf of the customer quality control relating to the manufactured goods, drawing up a complete and professional report and intervening where possible to make necessary adjustments before shipment.
We handle the invoicing process and instruct shippers implementing the least costly and most efficient procedures possible.