We export

For men and women: suits, tailoring products, knitwear, golf apparel, casual and classic, T-shirts, jeans, trousers, shirts, upper-body wear and jackets in fabric and leather.  Baby clothes. Knitted and non-knitted fabrics.

Handbags and small leather goods, leather accessories, belts, travel bags, shoes and other products for men and women and for the junior market.

Ties made from silk and from other materials, scarves and shawls, gloves, hats and caps, jewel bags and costume jewellery.

medium-high, high

For all the above types of product we are able to develop private label and custom manufacturing programs. We have collaborated continuously with several famous Brands for their own custom programs and as such we are confident of being able to meet requests in this area.

Our services:

Based on customer requests we work with suppliers:

_ to find proposals of fabrics and other materials

_ in the development of designs, patterns and sizes (including customised)

_ to create prototypes and fit approval samples

Product tracking from order placement to delivery.
Our sales department acts as the link between the buyer and the seller, ensuring the correct and fluid performance of all stages of sample approval up until delivery of the goods, including the negotiation of prices and the terms and conditions of sale, always respecting the requests and needs of the buyer and seller.

Link offers a monitoring service and quality control, both in-line and final stage, in order to ensure full compliance of the goods before shipment.

Our staff oversee the various steps concerning the exporting of goods, through direct and established relationships with carriers, thus managing the procedures and necessary documentation.

– management of instructions for packaging, packing

– management of documentary credits and payments

– assistance in the collection of goods and national transportation

– consolidation of cargo upon request

– organisation of shipments to destination

– shipping documents and delivery notes.

Continued assistance in negotiating between customers and suppliers.

Hotel reservations and organization of trips across Italy.